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RE: [SPAM:#] Re: The topic marker -'e'

Steven Boozer (

>> Sorry, no.  This sentence isn't canon, just Fiat Knox.  
>> Curiously, we have no examples of {ghoqwI'} in canon.
Fiat Knox:
>ghoq spy (v) appears on p. 86 of TKD, three lines from the bottom, and 22
>lines down on p. 154.
>ghoqwI' spy (n) appears immediately below ghoq on p. 86, and immediately
>above the entry for ghoq on p. 154.
>All in TKD. ghoq spy (v) and ghoqwI' spy (n) are both canon.

choyajHa'ba'.  By "canon" I didn't mean that the word {qhogwI'} isn't listed in one of the glossaries (TKD or KGT), just that Okrand has never USED it in a canonical phrase or sentence.  IOW we have no context for the word.  (Not that "spy" needs much context.)  Okrand has mentioned the English word "spy" though:

  ... a delegate to the Klingon Empire could well be described as a
  {Duy quv} "honored emissary", but if it turned out that he or she
  was a spy, the phrase {Duy HoQ} "falsely honored emissary" would
  be appropriate.  [HQ 12.3:8]

FWIW, the verb {ghoq} "spy" and the noun {lInDab} "espionage" have also never been used in a canonical sentence.

WRT non-linguistic information, the Klingon view of spies in Trek canon: 

Klingon Special Occupation Order No. 4 requires that 200 local hostages be killed every two hours until a spy/saboteur is given up. (TOS "Errand of Mercy") 

AYELBORNE: "What are you going to do with him, Commander?" 
KOR:       "What is always done with spies and saboteurs. He will be
            killed, after he has had first-hand experience of
            our mind scanner." (TOS "Errand of Mercy")

Canon Master of the Klingons

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