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RE: "The Man Who Taught His Kid Klingon"

Steven Boozer (

Mark J. Reed:
>>> "jIH neH wIj SoH"?! Typical Sun-quality journalism.
Fiat Knox:
>> Oh, those sample phrases in the Sun article are abysmal, like a
>> tlhIngan Hol version of the Hungarian Phrasebook Monty Python sketch.

Tracy Canfield:
> It's just a repackage of news available elsewhere. There is an
> entertainingly UK-flavored vocabulary sidebar, though.

FYI... The U.K. television magazine "Radio Times", doing a special for Star Trek's 30th Anniversary (August 1996), published a special 168 page book which contained a 4-page spread where Marc Okrand is interviewed.  As a bonus, "Radio Times" got Okrand to translate a few "British" phrases for its readers: 

 1. We are U.K. Klingons!		wo' tay' tlhInganpu' maH!

 2. Come along then.			Ha'.

 3. Give us a kiss, love.		HIchop, bang.

 4. Spot of tea?			Dargh DaneH'a'?

 5. Beam me up, mate			HIjol, jup.

 6. Not bloody likely!		ghaytanHa' jay'!

 7. Be quick about it.		tugh.

 8. Cricket, please.			DaH ghew yIQuj.

 9. Let's go to the pub.		tach vI'el, HItlhej.

10. What has Lady Di done now?	DaH nuq ta'pu' Day joH?

Canon Master of the Klingons

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