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Re: tlhIngan porgh

Stephen A. Carter ( [KLI Member]

On 09/11/20 06:02, Steven Boozer wrote:
> Voragh:
>>> and  {porghQeD} "the scientific study of bodily functions (anatomy?).
> Stephen A. Carter:
>> "Physiology" might be a closer fit.
> Nice.  That fits Maltz/Okrand's explanation better:
> HQ 12.4:8:  Maltz was familiar with the scientific study of bodily functions, or {porghQeD}, but he didn't consider himself terribly well versed in the field. The closest he could come to "bodily function" was {porgh mIw}, literally "body process", but he had a hard time thinking of an everyday sentence containing that phrase. He said that Klingons don't talk all that much about bodily functions as a group, but they certainly do talk about specific bodily functions. 

> But if we limit {porghQeD} ("body science") to "physiology", how would we differentiate it from "anatomy"?

That's a good question.

As a starting point for discussion, physiology deals with the body's 
functioning, and anatomy deals with its structure.  And since {porghQeD} 
is canonically defined as "the scientific study of bodily functions," it 
looks like it maps to physiology, rather than anatomy.

Stephen A. Carter
Nagoya, Japan

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