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Tracy Canfield (

Are there any limits on which nouns may take the -Daq ending?

(1)  Can it be used with nouns referring to people?  Some languages
with locative constructions use them with nouns for people, with
meanings along the lines of "where so-and-so is" or "at so-and-so's
house."  Does Klingon allow this?

(1a)  And if it does, can -Daq be used with pronouns?  We know that
-'e', another Type 5 suffix, can attach to pronouns - do we know about

(1b)  Similarly, TKD 3.4 gives us nagh DungDaq "above the rock",
formed using the noun-noun construction "nagh Dung" plus -Daq.  We
also know that pronouns can't be used in possessive constructions, and
the possessive suffixes are used instead (TKD 5.1).

So would "above me" be DungwI'Daq?

(2)  Can -Daq be used with abstract nouns?  It doesn't seem to have a
metaphorical sense that locative constructions in other languages have
- I think every example I've seen with it refers to a location in

Any insight greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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