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Re: Yet another newbie!

Karl-Filip Faxen (

Steven Boozer wrote:
> buSwI' ( wrote:
>>>One thing in particular that puzzles me is how {Duy'a'} and {Duy''a'}
>>>differ in sound, that is, how to say {''}.
> Since buSwI' is unlikely to have KGT (KLINGON FOR THE GALACTIC TRAVELLER) yet, here's the relevant paragraph (pp. 138-139):
[Long explanation deleted]

{voraghvaD tlho''a' vInobqu'}

(I seem to get to practice thanking a lot!)

>>>Also, I wonder about using locative in a noun phrase, as in {bIQDaq
>>>veng}, my attempt at translating "the city on the water" (yes, I know
>>>a true Klingon would not associate his city with water...). Is that ok?
>>No, that's not right. TKD 3.4 says that only the last noun in a
>>noun-noun construction may take a Type 5 suffix.
> See TKD p. 50:  
>   If a Type 5 noun suffix is used (section 3.3.5), it follows the
>   verb, which, when used to modify the noun in this way, can have
>   no other suffix except the rover {-qu'} "emphatic". The Type 5
>   noun suffix follows {-qu'} ... 
>     veng tInDaq     in the big city
>     veng tInqu'Daq  in the very big city

{mu'Hom laDlu' yeplu'qu'niS}

(if I got that right...)


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