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Re: Contacting the Site Admin

Michael Roney, Jr. (

>> tlhoqo' SoH!
> nuqjatlh?

"Well, the first documented example of Klingon slang dates all the way
back to the early days of the mailing list. In fact, due to the
wonders of archiving, we can determine the precise date: July 19,
1993. A Monday. 2:56pm. And 58 seconds. The first slang word,
{tlhoqo'} was coined.

Some of you, I'm sure, remember {tlhoqo'} and its origins. Most of you
probably do not. To appreciate the word it is necessary to understand
the story of its origin. Back in 1993, for about a month or so, there
appeared on the list a rather odd gentleman. Clearly intelligent, he
nonetheless seemed not at all interested in speaking Klingon, and more
interested in doing such curious things as posting in German written
with the (romanized) Klingon alphabet. In a short period of time he
managed to alienate a number of people on the list, and ended up
becoming the first person forcibly removed from the list due to
abusive behavior.

This person's name was Randy Kloko. It was Will Martin who, after
Klolo's involuntary departure, first suggested {tlhoqo'} -- the
Klingonization of Kloko's name-- as a slang word for "misanthrope;"
the word quickly came to have a somewhat stronger meaning, more along
the lines of "asshole." It is interesting to note that at the time, I,
as Grammarian of the list, felt it necessary to give explicit waiver
for this word, proclaiming it as slang for the list, and thus not in
violation of the prohibition against making up new words. This is the
only time that people actually worried about the ability to use

--HolQeD 12;4 (December 2003) pp2-3 "From the Grammarian's Desk" by
Captain Krankor

Apologies for any typos


~Michael Roney, Jr.
Professional Klingon Translator

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