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Dr . Lawrence M . Schoen ( [KLI Member]

At long last we have succeeded in modifying the KLI's Merchant page
to allow you to register for the qep'a' in advance. I encourage you to
head over right now and make your payment (the URL is
As registration fees are processed, the names of confirmed attendees
will be posted to the page of registrants (you can find that list here:
/stuff/qepareg.html). Knowing how many people are
intending to join us this year makes planning the qep'a' significantly
easier and a better experience for all.

Also, it appears that we will once again have a qep'a' t-shirt, but only
if we have sufficient registrants in time for putting in a t-shirt order
(there are minimums to this sort of thing), which is yet another reason
for registering early.

Once it becomes clear that we *will* have sufficient attendees to allow
for shirts, I'll open the Merchant page up to "Supporting Memberships,"
which will allow non-attendees to get the t-shirt as well.

That's it. Hope to see you there!

Lawrence M. Schoen, Ph.D.
Author / Publisher / Psychologist / Klingonist

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