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Re: -vaD

ghunchu'wI' (

On May 30, 2009, at 4:57 AM, wrote:

> As I said, I don't follow my own interpretation of the meanings of  
> {-vaD}
> and {-Daq}; I try to conform to mainstream usage.  I just happen to  
> think
> that usage is wrong.

So far as I can tell, mainstream usage is consistent with TKD and  
other canonical examples.  What do you use to support your alternate  

Maybe you're using an alternate interpretation not of the Klingon  
suffixes, but of the English prepositions.  I can imagine always  
using the word "to" in a non-locative sense when translating {-vaD}  
("One finds that it is useful to the mission", etc.).  I can also  
imagine forcing "at" to indicate a destination or target rather than  
just a locative context, but it often comes out sounding bad (e.g.,  
"Go at your room.") in the same way always using "for" to translate {- 
vaD} can (e.g. "He gives the knife for the officer.").

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