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Re: Klingon Anti-Virus

Jessie Oberreuter ( [KLI Member]

      If it's any consolation, menus translate poorly into Chinese as well, 
but then, they'd probably be meaningless to us, too, if we weren't already 
acclimated to them.

On Tue, 19 May 2009, ghunchu'wI' wrote:

> On May 18, 2009, at 11:30 PM, wrote:
>> mu' vImughHa'bogh yIngu'!
> It's not a matter of individual words.  It's more that the intent of
> the words which are there is not obvious.  In the critique which
> follows, try to keep in mind that I'm working from a position of near-
> ignorance of the original text in particular, and of Windows virus
> scanners in general.
> The menu names are confusing, for example: are they supposed to be
> commands to the computer, options for the user to choose, or
> something else? I read them as actions "accomplish computer", "see",
> "establish", and "help".  Only the last one means something I recognize.
> In the {Dotlh} "status" pane, the words {chu'Ha' HotlhtaH naw'DI'}
> are all verbs.  Is it a badly formed sentence?  Three clipped
> sentences?  I can't tell what it means.  There's something very wrong
> with {bIghHa': 0Daq Dochmey}, but I don't know what it's supposed to
> be saying, so I don't know what to suggest to fix it.  The line with
> the time and date probably is misusing {poH} "interval, period of
> time", and seems unnecessarily convoluted.  Is there anything wrong
> with just saying <5/7, 2009 7:17AM chu'qa'>?  From context, I assume
> {lIngwI' SeghHom} ("producer's subtype"?) is supposed to be something
> like "revision number", but I don't see how.
> I just now understood {Sophos juHnav Such}, but I had to translate it
> into English first in order to recognize the meaning.  {juHnav}
> "homepaper" strikes me as a very poor coinage to name a web page, and
> {Such} "visit" is an unreasonably literal translation.  {The closest
> thing to this use of "home" is probably {waw'} "base".  My preferred
> idiom for viewing a web page is {Hotlh} "project, put on screen",
> though that might be confusing in the context of a virus scanner.)
> I'm sure each of these has a perfectly reasonable justification.  But
> without my knowing in advance what they mean, the effort put forth to
> translate them is mostly wasted on me.
> -- ghunchu'wI'

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