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jIcheghta'mo' jIQuch

Brent Kesler ( [KLI Member]


I've been lurking on the mailing list for the last couple weeks, and
there're some discussions I've been wanting to get in on, so I think
it's time to (re)introduce myself.

My name is Brent Kesler, with the Klingon name {bI'reng}. Some of you
may remember me from qep'a' vaghDIch (if you look at the group photo
on the KLI webpage, I'm the kid standing next to Lawrence). I still
have my original TKD "blessed" with Qov spittle. I was 17 at the time,
planning on studying linguistics in college. To make a long story
short I'm now at the Monterey Institute for International Studies,
getting a masters in terrorism.

I'm not sure why, but after a long time away from Klingon, I've pulled
out my old books and started trying to learn it again. I think it
started with "What would Klingon international theory look like?" It
probably didn't help when my prof started explaining the Cold War
politics of the design behind the UN emblem.

Anyways, I'm back, and I'm looking forward to learning Klingon all over again.


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