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RE: rura' pente' pe'lu'

Steven Boozer ( 

>>> The second video clip on that page mentions a scene that was cut from
>>> the new Star Trek movie.  This is not a spoiler, do not worry if you
>>> haven't seen the movie. The scene involves the movie's villain and
>>> his escape from the Klingon prison planet. This explains something I
>>> noticed in the movie's end credits:  Marc Okrand is listed as the
>>> Klingon and Romulan Language Consultant.

>Ingemar Hjort:
>> Are you sure? I am absolutely sure that he is listed as _Vulcan_ and
>> Romulan Language Consultant. But I have only seen the movie 3 times,
>> and I may be wrong of course.

>I just saw the movie, and checked it to be sure. It reads:
>  "Romulan and Vulcan Language Consultant - Marc Okrand"

I found more information on the cut scenes:

  Eagle-eyed Star Trek fans will note the name Mark Okrand among the 
  film's credits when it debuts on May 8: Okrand is the linguist who 
  created the Klingon language in the movies. [...] But you won't
  hear any actual Klingon in the film, co-writer Alex Kurtzman told
  SCI FI Wire in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Sunday.

  "We actually had a sequence that ended up getting cut from the movie
  that took place on Rura Penthe, in a Klingon prison," Kurtzman said, 
  explaining the deletion. "And there was definitely Klingon spoken in
  the movie, and it ended up getting cut." 

  Rura Penthe, as fans know, is the Klingon prison colony on an ice
  world, which was first featured in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered
  Country. Images of Nero in the prison - and the line "The wait is
  over" - are featured in the trailer but do not appear in the movie. 

  In J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, the Rura Penthe scene was meant to
  explain where the villainous Nero (Eric Bana) has spent a couple of
  decades in the story. 

See the full article with a couple of [non-Klingon] pictures at: )

Let's hope they'll restore the scene - and Mark Okrand's {tlhIngan Hol} dialogue! - in the director's cut of the DVD.  "Eagle-eyed" Klingonists should keep an eye out for this and let us know.

Canon Master of the Klingons

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