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TV Interviews

Fiat Knox (


I've got another TV interview coming up this Saturday morning, in which the Klingon language will be one of the topics of discussion.

Just to let you know that I'll be mentioning the KLI and mailing list.

Do you have any other links available so I can forward them to the TV production team to put up on their website?



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--- On Sun, 3/5/09, Parker Glynn-Adey <> wrote:

> From: Parker Glynn-Adey <>
> Subject: Re: The health of the Klingon language vs the health of the KLI
> To:
> Date: Sunday, 3 May, 2009, 3:47 AM
> 2009/4/23 <>
> > This discussion list is all but dead. I remember when
> it was thriving with
> > activity.
> >
> Yes. It is the slowest growing folder I've got on my
> account. Unfortunately
> I've got to admit that I don't remember a time when
> the list was thriving,
> but this is mostly my own naivety speaking.  I would really
> like to see more
> activity. One place I do see a little movement is on the
> Klingon
> Livejournal*. Though again, there isn't much.
> *:
> We don't even have the automated Klingon Word of the
> Day (KWOTD) e-mails any
> > more.
>  Mm - I would really like to see those again. I get WotD.s
> in a number of
> languages, and the Klingon canon references were always a
> pleasure.
> What has everyone been doing? What are you doing? What
> would you like to be
> > doing? --And how can we help?
> >
> Right now I am not studying Klingon in the least. I'll
> just put that out
> there. I have Hamlet, the Dictionary, Klingon for the
> Galactic Traveler, and
> the comic. I am actively interested /in/ Klingon, and any
> time I get
> speaking about Esperanto (which I am fluent in) I mention
> it as a cultural
> reference.
> I think this is a while off, but eventually I'd like to
> keep my personal
> journal partly in Klingon. One way I think this list could
> help, would be by
> helping me through the ``postal course'' on the KLI
> website. I will do the
> work, do the learning, if people on the list are willing to
> help correct my
> homework.
> Anyway - those are my two thoughts.


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