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Re: The health of the Klingon language vs the health of the KLI

Parker Glynn-Adey (

2009/4/23 <>
> This discussion list is all but dead. I remember when it was thriving with
> activity.

Yes. It is the slowest growing folder I've got on my account. Unfortunately
I've got to admit that I don't remember a time when the list was thriving,
but this is mostly my own naivety speaking.  I would really like to see more
activity. One place I do see a little movement is on the Klingon
Livejournal*. Though again, there isn't much.


We don't even have the automated Klingon Word of the Day (KWOTD) e-mails any
> more.

 Mm - I would really like to see those again. I get WotD.s in a number of
languages, and the Klingon canon references were always a pleasure.

What has everyone been doing? What are you doing? What would you like to be
> doing? --And how can we help?

Right now I am not studying Klingon in the least. I'll just put that out
there. I have Hamlet, the Dictionary, Klingon for the Galactic Traveler, and
the comic. I am actively interested /in/ Klingon, and any time I get
speaking about Esperanto (which I am fluent in) I mention it as a cultural

I think this is a while off, but eventually I'd like to keep my personal
journal partly in Klingon. One way I think this list could help, would be by
helping me through the ``postal course'' on the KLI website. I will do the
work, do the learning, if people on the list are willing to help correct my

Anyway - those are my two thoughts.

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