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Re: joj

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI'] wrote:
> Allright, years later, I'm still confused by (joj).
> I understand that it works the same way as ('em) and the like, but
> generally you want 2 nouns when saying "between".
> I can say ('uSDu'lIj joj), but how do I add in another noun?
> For clarity, the sentence in question is "The maximum size of the log
> file must be between X and Y MB."

{joj} refers to a spatial kind of between, not the kind you're talking 
about. We have no simple and convenient way to do what you want.

ta 'aqroS tIn law' X MB tIn puS 'ej Y MB tIn law' ta 'aqroS tIn puS net poQ.

David Trimboli

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