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Re: Klingon orthography (was: Okrand at qep'a')

Michael Everson (

On 24 Jun 2009, at 04:48, wrote:

> In a message dated 6/23/2009 19:09:56 Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
>> IPA would be unambiguous, but it's not the most practical or
>> attractive of orthographies.
>> Qa?taxv?? xot? ???, lo?lo? Xolq??? t??nmox T???an Xol J?jxa?; ??? 
>> maj q??w?? pot?qu? ?ox. ??t?m?j l??, ??t?m?j mot? j? ?a? xot?  
>> jabb????, ??j T???an xolq???, T???an xol, T???an nu? j? q?l. Q?t?m? 
>> j??? ?a?bo? nu?bo? jabb???? nu?m?x ??j ?oxm?x nar? j? la?w??pu?  
>> jabb????xomm?j; mavuvt?uqm?x ??j maja?t?uqt?u?m?x nar?. Xolq??? n?v  
>> law?, q?ono? mot? n?v pu?: xa?t?u?m?x q?ono? ?ox xolq??????. ?Ox?aq  
>> nar?pa? ??t?, ?ox nu?t?u? lat?, ??j ??t? ??t?w?? ?ovb??. Xolq??? j? 
>> x ÂJ?jquv Paq?omÂ, ??j ?ox bo? j? Ââax Xol J?jxa?Â.
> My email program doesn't copy the unusual symbols.

Once again, it is impossible to say why without knowing what computer  
you are using and what operating system, and what e-mail client. It  
seems that it might be fairly old as so many of the characters have  
been converted into question marks; you have lost the Unicode  
encoding. (Consider upgrading to a newer e-mail client -- not for me,  
but just for better interoperability with the rest of the world).

Though even I stuck with Eudora for Mac for a long long time, hoping  
it would be upgraded for Unicode support. I finally shifted to Apple  
Mail, which is very robust.

> {yejquv} and {yejHaD} would not be spelled with initial <j>.

They would be in IPA, and that was an IPA orthography. In IPA y is [j]  
and j is [dÊ] (like dzh).

I can make a PDF of all of these examples so people can see them.

Michael Everson *

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