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Merchant Page and qep'a' Update

Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen ( [KLI Member]

HIvqa' veqlargh
After far too long a delay, I have caught up and processed all  
pending orders from the KLI's Merchant Page.
A stack of packages waits by the door to be taken to the post office  
tomorrow. All merchandise should ship
out as scheduled.

All emails from people having trouble signing on to the members'  
section of the KLI's website have likewise
been responded to. If you've been waiting to hear something from me,  
check your in-box.

All pending registrations for next month's qep'a' have been  
processed. The list of names has been turned
over to the appropriate web guru, and in short order you should see  
the list at /stuff/qepareg.html
extend beyond just my name. If you're planning on attending the  
qep'a' and have not yet registered, please go to
the Merchant Page and register now!

At the present moment, too few individuals have registered to allow  
the printing of t-shirts. The window of
opportunity (i.e., the lead time necessary to give the vendor to  
actually, you know, print the shirts) is soon to
close. Think of this as another reason to send in your qep'a'  
registration fees at once.

Finally, a reminder to "Save the Date" of July 26th. The qep'a' ends  
at noon on that Sunday. The celebration for
my 50th birthday starts at noon the same day (and officially  
continues through to midnight, marking the actual start
of my birthday on Monday, July 27th). If you're attending the qep'a',  
you're invited. If you're reading this list, you're
invited. RSVPs are necessary (so we know how much stuff to prepare),  
and there will be a follow up email
explaining how to do that.

Lawrence M. Schoen, Ph.D.
Author / Publisher / Psychologist / Klingonist

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