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Re: {vIl} (was Re: News from Maltz)

Steven Boozer (

ghunchu'wI' wrote on 7/27/2009:
>1) The noun {vIlle'} means something close to "minion".  [The word in
>English is often used to refer to a loyal or even fawning servant of
>someone who is typically considered powerful. Compare with "henchman",
>who has the same general job but is usually a mercenary.]
>Here is a direct quote from Marc Okrand: "A {vIlle'}, on the other hand,
>is definitely someone you want to have around -- a follower, disciple,
>fan, admirer, minion."

*{STALIN vIlle'} = a Stalinist?  *{qeylIS vIlle'} = a Kahless-ite (cf. {qeylIS puqloD} "son of Kahless" in the Anthem)?  

>["Groupie" and "entourage" were suggested by those present at the time,
>but Marc didn't think they fit.]

So fans are {vIlle'}, but {groupies are {vIl}?  Would *{vIlle'ghom} work for "fan club"? 

There's also {qolqoS} "fanatical core" revealed at the 2007 qep'a'.

ghunchu'wI' wrote on 7/28/2009:
>When I asked Marc Okrand whether "sidekick" would be an appropriate term, 
>he said no, 

I'm guessing a sidekick would be {maqoch} "buddy, pal (close male friend of a male)" or {chaj} "close female friend of a female".

>             and gave this example: "It would apply to this woman I know 
>who seems to show up (as an audience member or an usher or something) at 
>every play I go to.  I don't know why she's always there, but it's weird."

A "stalker"!?  Or at least, a potential one.

Canon Master of the Klingons

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