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Re: vIlpu' vIlmey je

qe'San \(Jon Brown\) ( [KLI Member]

Maybe not a serious comment but within a plot would a classic red-shirt be a 
vIlle'   ??

They're more than a vIl  as their character is a sort of minion to the plot 
and the captain and necessary in the sense that if they weren't there an 
important character might get hurt.


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Subject: vIlpu' vIlmey je

>I suspect that the ease with which {vIl} can be applied to both people
> and things has to do with how little the presence or absence of
> sentience matters. These are people who don't count. They are like
> bumps on the horizon. They occupy space, but they don't talk to you,
> and if they did, you wouldn't care because you wouldn't be listening.
> Not everyone has a minion. I would suspect that only people who have
> minions (or ARE minions) would tend to have {vIlpu'}. It's a very
> arrogant attitude toward other people.
> Basically, you are classifying people into one of two groups:
> Those who are useful.
> Those who aren't.
> Neither group gets a lot of respect. I mean, do you really think
> people respect their minions? Obviously, they have even less respect
> for {vIlpu'}.
> There are the "nobodies" and the "special nobodies".
> juppu' vImaS. vIlle' vIneHbe'.
> I do wonder about the perspective of the minions, themselves. Do they
> walk into a room and boldly declare: {vIlle'pu' maH!} as one would
> declare {tlhIngan maH!}? or would one turn to a bystander and point to
> the other minion and say, {vIlle' ghaH. vISovbe'.}
> Do they get tatoos that say {vIlle' matlh} under a portrait of the one
> they follow?
> Do they insult one another by saying {vIlle' jIH! vIl neH SoH!}?
> I can imagine moments when a minion fails at a task when the person to
> whom he is minion turns to him and yells, {vIl!}
> Doq

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