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Looking to Provide Commercial Software in pIqaD - *Need Your Help*

Jason Rickard (

Hello All,

I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I am a Product Manager
for PC Tools (PC Tools is a Symantec company).

I am posting this because I am currently running a program that allows
the community to contribute translations for our products in any
language. These "language packs" are then offered free for anyone to
use. All of this is done through our site,

I have been talking to Michael Roney, Jr and qurgh lungqIj about not
only supporting Roman Klingon but pIqaD as well. They informed me about
a movement to see pIqaD included in as many software products as
possible to see it supported more (and help with the unicode

The product team are very enthusiastic to try to make pIqaD work in the
product, we just need the translations to fully test it.

If anyone is interested in giving it a try, please sign up at - Just choose Klingon during setup.

Don't worry if you aren't fluent. It's a community effort so even if
your translation in 80% correct, the system allows others to get it that
extra 20%.

Please feel free to ask any questions and I can provide complete support
through this email group. Look forward to hearing from everyone. You can
also follow us on Twitter at and
we will make sure to follow you back.



Jason Rickard | Community Product Manager
e. jrickard(at)   w. |


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