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{pagh Doch} or {pagh Dochmey}? (Fwd: [Question #76058]: Klingon plural expression is this: Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=n > 1)

pm5 (

I was [proposing][1] a Klingon plural expression in [Launchpad
translation][2], so they can setup the system to help translating
software into Klingon.  I was asked to verify that "zero things" in
Klingon is {pagh Doch} instead of {pagh Dochmey}.

As the use of plural forms is not mandatory in Klingon, apparently we
can only hope this situation is explicitly stated in the rules, or
that there are canonical usage of {pagh Dochmey}.

AFAIK relevant canonical examples do not indicate whether {pagh
Dochmey} is correct and percise Klingon, or is it just incorrect:

    {Dal pagh jagh.} "No enemy is boring." [TKW p.201]
    {pagh rep.} "midnight; zero hours" [CK]
    {pa'vo' pagh leghlu'.} "(lit.) Nothing is seen from the room."
[TKD p.39] [CK]


What is our consensus, if there is such a thing, about this?



On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 6:37 PM, Henning
Eggers<> wrote:
> Your question #76058 on Launchpad Translations changed:
>    Status: Open => Needs information
> Henning Eggers requested for more information:
> I'm just curious. As Klingon is a language invented by English-speaking
> people, I would have expected it to have the same plural expression. So
> I'd just like to check back if you are sure about this.
> English is nplurals=2; plural = n != 1
> Example:
>  0 files
>  1 file
>  2 files
> The expression you are proposing would produce this example:
>  0 file
>  1 file
>  2 files
> Is that correct?
> Henning
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