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Re: Twitter, et al.

qa'pIn bu' nIv qorghon puqloD qI'meQ tuq (

<citaat van="Michael Roney, Jr.">
> I shall begin to collect a list of "usernames" or URLs.

> If you have multiple accounts (i.e. personal &amp; professional), please
> indicate which account is to be used for Klingon communications.

> As I begin collecting said account information, I will find a suitable
> place to post this list for group access.


As you know (or maybe not totally) I have an account on both twitter as
well as facebook.
Furthermore I have a dormant account on livejournal.
When I find any network in the list I am on as well, I'll let you know.
Klingons are generally welcome on my friends' list(s).

> ~naHQun
> -Michael Roney, Jr.
> Professional Klingon translator

First Sergeant qa'pIn qI'meQ vIghro''a' tuq
Thorwald Peeters 'oH latlh pongwIj 'e'
C.O. IKO qaDwI' Doq

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