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KLBG Translation assistance

rklingonwarrior ( [KLI Member]

I want to translate "Explosive Ordnance Disposal"?but I am unsure of how to word it.? It is a job title, and "explosive ordnance" is a specific type of ordnance, a hyphenated word without the hyphen or a singular object with a two word name.? The disposal part is the act of eliminating the explosive ordnance.? It's not quite the same as "Garbage Disposal", which is a singular object with a two word name, like explosive ordnance, but the idea of the job is the disposal of expolive ordnance like the garbage disposal's job is to dispose of garbage.? I am sorry if this is rambling , I haven't slept for over a day.? Duty calls.
LT veS joH
FOB Marez, Iraq

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