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Re: threatening Na'vi?

Alex Greene (

> it seems like Klingon has got a new opponent: Na'vi.

qay'be'. Somebody will set up a Na'vi learners' mailing list on this server ere long, to join the Lojban list. And when they do, I might join in.

It's just another conlang, though, and as you are aware, it is a tactical advantage to learn another's language - so that no enemy communique can remain a secret.

> (interesting that this report contains a short mentioning
> of Klenginem :-)

Interesting still, that Zoe Saldana (Lt Uhura from Star Trek [2009]) is in the movie.

> I doubt this language might become in competition with
> Klingon as there is only one movie and klingons are much
> more known and famous. But there are strong parallels
> visible when you read sentences like "Na'vi is a constructed
> language spoken by the fictional race in the film Avatar.
> The language was created by Paul Frommer..."

There might be a sequel, or a TV show, if the appeal of the film catches on. If that happens, there could be more Na'vi in the future. However, let's not forget the language of Ra from Stargate and the languages of Stargate SG-1; they didn't do much with that.

> At this point I just want to encourage you to learn and
> speak Klingon, and keep talking aboput it to the world. We
> must show them that Klingon is not obsolete - it is growing!
> Our recently new members prove this.

Hear hear.

> Apparently, this was my message for christmas ;-)
> Enjoy the winter, celebrate the new year and learn
> Klingon!!



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