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ghogh HablI'wIj

Michael Roney, Jr. (

As long as we're all thinking up tech terms for facebook, I'm trying
to translate the main apps of my smartphone.
I'm wanting to use short, simple terms. Something that I can look at
at a glance, and, with the aid of the icon (which I'm also altering),
know what the app does.
It needs to be short to fit under the icon.

So far I have:

Calendar: 'ISjaH
Messaging: QIn
Web: De' He'a'
Camera: ?
Pictures: nagh beQ
Clock: tlhaq
App Catalog: ?
Sprint Navigation: ? (a turn-by-turn GPS app)
Google Maps: pu'jIn
YouTube: 'Iwtub ;-)
Calculator: SImwI'
Sprint TV: ?
Music: bom
Videos: ?
DocViewer: ghItlh
PDF View: ?
Help: QaH
Sounds & Ringtones: ?
Screen & Lock: ? (changes screen brightness/wallpaper and sets a lock
w/ password)
Wi-Fi: ?
Bluetooth: ?
Location Services: ? (turns GPS on/off, geotags photos...)
Device Info: ?
Date & Time: ?
Updates: ?
Backup: ?
Regional Settings: ?
Memos: ?
Tasks: Qu'
Phone: QumwI'
Contacts: Quv tetlh
E-mail: jabbI'ID
Launcher: ?

~Michael Roney, Jr.
Professional Klingon Translator
ïïïïïï ïïïï

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