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RE: Request for translation in Klingon

Steven Boozer (

Oana Dumitrescu wrote:
>>> My name is Oana and I find your email address to a website about 
>>> klingon language. I was browsing the internet in order to translate
>>> a sentence in Klingon language as for a X-mas gift.
>>> Could your send me the translation of "with much sympathy" or 
>>> something similar , please ? Lets say that my mother language is 
>>> quite different from klingon as Im from a small country from Europe

Michael Everson <> wrote:
>> in original Romanian language the sentance is like this "cu multÄ 
>> simpatie"  or if it is easier  you could translate "cu multÄ 
>> prietenie"

> I think Tracy was right on this one (maj!).  Romanian "simpatie"
> *can* mean "sympathy", but it can also just mean "congeniality",
> "approval", "fellow-feeling" - in other words, simpÃtico.  The
> second translation, with prietenie ("friendship", "kindness"),
> would seem to confirm the intended reading. So I would offer an
> appropriate message for a friendly gift, not condolences.
> Upon reflection, though, it could still go either way.  Better to 
> ask for clarification on the purpose of the gift, I think.

TKW 145:  Worf told Jeremy, whose mother had been killed, "In my tradition, we do not grieve the loss of the body. We celebrate the releasing of the spirit."

  vaj malopmeH tlhIHvaD nob SaSuqpu' 
  So to celebrate, I've gotten you all a gift. (Hallmark)

There is a Klingon saying that would fit either sense "sympathy":

  yIlop!  wa'leS chaq maHegh! 
  Celebrate!  Tomorrow we may die! TKW

Good for all occasions!

Canon Master of the Klingons

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