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Re: Cogito ergo sum (was RE: Numbers with pronouns)

Lieven Litaer ( [KLI Member] [Hol ghojwI']

The first translation which was made for Star Trek 6 was {yIn pagh yInbe'}  "to live or not to live", but the producers thought that it didn't sound klingon enough. That's why Marc Okrand changed it.

(I don't remember where I got this from.)


> > taH pagh taHbe'
> > "To be or not to be." ST6
> >
> > KGT 194:  literally, "[one] continues or [one] does not continue"
> Oh, my.  Is that Okrand's translation from KGT?? 'oy' jay'!!  Based on
> everything we know (well, more strictly, what I know), <taH pagh
> taHbe'> means "s/he/it endures or s/he/it doesn't endure."  I have no
> idea why Okrand would translate these normal, active verbs into this
> odd English construction...

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