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Re: Edgar Allan Poe

YemQoyaD2 (

HIvqa' veqlargh
The more I think about what I said below, the more I  realize it was a 
different translation project (the sci-fi one) I was thinking  about, and also 
how foolish I was to hit the send key even if I'd gotten it  right.
::::wanders off looking for a treatment for foot in mouth  desease:::::::
In a message dated 8/31/2009 3:55:00 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:
Minor  rant-ignore

The Poe project was the last translation project I  attempted volunteering  
for.  I had email problems with Lawrence  back then (think I was  a white 
list victim).  

Last I  heard I supposedly was to be teamed up with HoD Qanqor way back   
when. I first found out when I got an  email from Lawrence asking why  I 
contacted Qanqor. I  didn't even know I had been honored to  be teamed with 
him and  wrote back several times saying that and  asking for the great  
captain's email address to contact him --  didn't get any replies and  took 
as a sign I wasn't meant to  join translation projects. 

I realize it's mostly my fault since when  private communication broke  
I should have shouted in this forum  back then.  Although,  I'll also admit 
it's a bit of an  emotional raw point for me too, irrational  human that I 

After  that I tried starting some translation projects on my own  but  
without interactions with others lost the motivation.    ::::shrug:::: 

jImob, 'ej 'oHvaD jIDogh

In a message dated  8/23/2009 10:42:41 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  writes:
A  Wayback Machine archive of The Raven translation can be  found   at:

I   was editor/coordinator for the Poe Project, but due to various   reasons
(limited amount of interest/submissions, real life time   commitments, etc.)
the project stalled. So unless someone else takes  over  and drums up a 
amount of on-going enthusiasm for it, I'd  consider it  unofficially
'postponed indefinitely', similar to the  Klingon Bible  translation's
apparent status.

Not to say that  there is no recent  quality Klingon translation work.
Agnieska's  translation of the Tao Te  Ching was published   recently:

and   the Worlds of Translation project seems to be slowly progressing.   (I
finally finished my first pass of my story translation at the  qep'a'  this
summer, and hopefully others were similarly   inspired.)


On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 10:32 PM, Terrence   Donnelly <> wrote:

>  There  was a Poe Project through the KLI at one time, for which I did  
>  of the House of Usher", but I don't think they got all  the translations 
> wanted, and I haven't heard anything  about it in  years.
> -- ter'eS
> --- On Sun,  8/23/09, Thorwald  Peeters <>  wrote:
> > From: Thorwald  Peeters  <>
> > Subject: Edgar Allan  Poe
>  > To:
> > Date: Sunday, August  23,  2009, 7:21 PM
> > Savan,
> >
> > Somehow I  just  thought of looking up the translation into
> > Hol a   gentleman
> > called Massimiliano Benini (tremail-naik?) once  made  of
> > "The Raven" by
> > Edgar Allan  Poe.
>  >
> > I had some difficulty finding the page,  but thanks to  the
> > Wayback Machine,
> > I found it  again.
>  >
> > Is/has anyone endeavoured to compiling  all (if more  than
> > the two I know
> > of)  translations of EAP works?  If not, I would like to do
> >  that...
> > Maybe even  translate some myself, if I get my head  around
> > it.
>  >
> > --
> >  Thorwald Peeters
> >
>  >
> >
>  >
> >
>   >

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