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Re: New Member

Andrà MÃller (

2009/8/23 Parker Glynn-Adey <>:
>> And I'm attempting to translate "The Little Prince" into Klingon.
> Wow, how is that working out? Do you have a website where you've got
> your rough drafts? I'd be very curious to have a look at what you've
> done.

No, not online, I'm doing it in a Word file. Actually, in several. One
is for the text and the layout, the other one contains a literal
translation (back into English), for reference, then some notes and
also a list of words that I had to coin (that is, where I had to find
alternatives; I didn't invent any new words or sth.). It's working out
quite well, in fact. It's really not too difficult; there aren't many
new concepts that are complex to translate.

As source, I used the French, English and German translation of the
book, which is available online.
I had almost finished the first chapter (out of 24 or so), when Lieven
told me he's doing the same. As he's already translated about 20~25
percent, I'm not translating it anymore now.

Guess I should find another text to translate now. ;)

- AndrÃ

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