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RE: Star Trek Klingon opening dialogue

Steven Boozer (

>Does anyone have a transcript of what Gowron says at the start of Star
>Trek Klingon?

AFAIK no one has ever been able to successfully decipher this speech, but here's what I have in my notes:

Quvar's transcription:

   ro ba qa DevwI' So na jaj
   wIv la ta laH chaH
   'oH quv 'oH puS
   SoH Da'oS
   logh'e' lujlu'
   luchatlhpu' wo' SaS SuvwI'pu''e'
   neSlu', luSaS lujbej
   laS puqleS lo
   bIratlh, lutoy'meH
   puSlaH qa', Ha'DIbaH je, Daqa'vam!
   buS chap qevaDaq 'a ghen toq
   chaq luwISpu' chaH
   mIv ya meS'e' DIHoHlaH chaH!
   mIv yImeS 
   Ha ha ha ha haaa! .... ouargh!

qa'vaj's transcription (1/19/2008):
   ro-va-ka dev-wee
   cha oo-koo
   wuv-bush shouk-ta osh
   lo-hey luch-lu
   o-shash shuv-wee-pu-'e'
   nesh-luu lo-shash losh-bezh
   lazh bu-glesh-lo
   vee-ash lo-toyl-ma
   chea do-go-vam
   oools-cha kay-va-dak
   ungadok chak lu-eesh-puzh-a

Gowron's English speech (as transcribed by qa'vaj):

	"Did you think I would kill you {loDHom}?  You've heard this about Klingons.  We kill anything that stands in our way.  We enjoy the taste of innocent blood.  Lies.  Honor is what we treasure.  Honor above all things.  And you? You are as weak and frightened as a {Qa'Hom}.  And there is no honor in killing a {Qa'Hom}.  But you, {nov}.  You outsiders, you see only our fierceness, our love of battle.  You do not see the tIgh that shades our every act.
	"This is why, I, Gowron, leader of the Klingon high counsel have decided to break the secrecy that shrouds our culture, and show you, *divvyok, that which truly makes us Klingon.
	"You are frightened young human?  Yes. You should be.  Your strength, your skills are no better than that of a Klingon boy, but... that will change.  When you have finished this holodeck adventure with me, this test, you will have learned more than how to LIVE as a Klingon, you will learn how to BE Klingon.
	"You will no longer be {nov}, weak as a {Qa'Hom}, but you will be a warrior. Then, it will be an honor to kill you.  Hahahaha.
	"Take your knife."

Miscellaneous comments:

"This has frustrated me for years. Considering how closely Okrand was involved in producing this game, I keep feeling that Gowron's speech must actually mean something, but whatever it is, it has eluded me. I can't go back to the original anymore, since the game appears not to work on XP, but maybe Quvar's transcript will be a good start." (ter'eS, 5/12,2003) 

"I remember hearing that Marc Okrand wrote it and it was sent to Robert O'Reilly, who learned it by heart and was really proud of his effort, unaware that he completely butchered it.  I THOUGHT there was a copy of Okrand's original text floating about..." (SuStel, 12/20/07)

"I found a bit of information about this: an interview with Robert O'Reilly ( ):
    Q: Mr. O'Reilly--You said you did not learn Klingon--but how did you
       do the introduction sequence on Star Trek Klingon?  I_am_Klingon
  ROR: Believe it or not, they flew Marc Okrand in to be about 2 feet
       from me, not ONLY to hold my hand, but to mouth the words so that I
       would say it correctly. Some were more difficult than others and I
       had to do quite a few takes on some of them.
O'Reilly is quite the STAR TREK fan... and really, really bad at Klingon, if Okrand had several takes and couldn't get anything better than that out of him." (SuStel, 12/21/07)

Canon Master of the Klingons

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