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RE: Measurments

Michael Roney, Jr. (

Steven Boozer wrote:

The four units of linear measure I know of are:

  {'uj}       *uj* (unit of measure, about 35 cm.)

  {'uj'a'}    (unit of measure, about 3.15 m.)

  {qelI'qam}  *kellicam* (unit of measure roughly equal to 2 km. [STE])

  {loghqam}   (unit of measure, 1.25 light years)

Only one unit of volume is known:

  {tlho'ren}  (unit of volume "in the quart/liter range")

So it seems that we have ONE exact conversion: loghqam.
And then we have DloraH's chart which brings us to three. 

Well that's better than none, I guess.


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