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Re: Klingon WOTD: chal (noun)

QeS 'utlh (

ghItlhpu' Holtej, ja':
>Klingon word:   chal
>Part of Speech: noun
>Definition:     sky
jang Voragh, ja':
>Never used in canon:
>Trek notes:
>In the TV episodes the Klingon sky as seen from orbit is usually a 
>swamp-green color.
>In William Shatner's novel "The Ashes of Eden" {Chalchaj 'qmey} means
>"the Children of Heaven" (supposedly "an archaic form of 'the sky's

Although the translation is uncertain, also in Ann Crispin's novel "Sarek", in which the character Karg refers to " flowers" (p. 58). One presumes the word {chal} "sky" here could be a descriptor, perhaps of colour as may be seen in the English "buttercup".

QeS 'utlh
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