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Re: Anyone want to translate "A Christmas Carol?"

Jon Winsley (

> (Yet another translation request)
> My name is Christopher Kidder.  I am the artistic director of Commedia
> Beauregard, a small theatre company in Saint Paul, MN.  Starting with our
> last production back in January, we started down a new path that is
> focusing on performing works that have been translated from other
> languages into English.  Our next season includes an 1806 play translated
> from Spanish, and a new work made up of proverbs translated from various
> languages and cultures.
> Why I'm writing to you today is because we are trying to put together a
> very special project for our December fundraiser.  Specifically, we want
> to put on a performance (probably a staged reading) of "A Christmas Carol"
> in Klingon.  It would be an abridged version, but the general idea is to
> do the entire play in Klingon with projected supertitles for those who
> can't speak it.
> We were wondering if such a project might appeal to you, or if you'd be
> willing to point us in the direction of someone who might be able to help
> us out?
> Thanks in advance for your assistance,
> Chris
> 651-214-2905
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> and also to love our enemies; probably
> because generally they are the same people."
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I never thought of the Christmas Carol as a particularly Klingon play...
no battles, no victories, just an old man getting bossed around by a bunch
of ghosts.


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