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Anyone want to translate "A Christmas Carol?"

Joel Anderson ( [KLI Member]

(Yet another translation request)

My name is Christopher Kidder.  I am the artistic director of Commedia Beauregard, a small theatre company in Saint Paul, MN.  Starting with our last production back in January, we started down a new path that is focusing on performing works that have been translated from other languages into English.  Our next season includes an 1806 play translated from Spanish, and a new work made up of proverbs translated from various languages and cultures.
Why I'm writing to you today is because we are trying to put together a very special project for our December fundraiser.  Specifically, we want to put on a performance (probably a staged reading) of "A Christmas Carol" in Klingon.  It would be an abridged version, but the general idea is to do the entire play in Klingon with projected supertitles for those who can't speak it.
We were wondering if such a project might appeal to you, or if you'd be willing to point us in the direction of someone who might be able to help us out?
Thanks in advance for your assistance,

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