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Re: jIH

Steven Boozer (

At 12:41 PM Friday 5/4/2007, Doq wrote:

>The Moon goes AROUND Earth. The Moon orbits Earth. So, why don't we
>say, "The Moon orbits around the Earth"? Well, we can, but it sounds
>odd, since "orbit" implies "around". Why don't we say, "The Moon goes
>the Earth"? That's rather confusing because "goes" does not imply
>"around". You have to be explicit about that.
>    [....]
>Klingon is not particularly known for excessive redundancy.

FYI when asked specifically about {bav} "orbit" during an interview on 
verbs of motion, Okrand said:  "You don't need a {-Daq}. Just use whatever 
it is that you are orbiting." (HolQeD 7.4:8)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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