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Re: Qutlh (support) v.?

Steven Boozer (

At 12:22 AM Thursday 12/20/2007, qa'vaj wrote:
>loQ qay' wa' mu' Dalo'bogh.  <<Qutlh>> 'oH mu'vam'e'.  <<QutlhHomDaq>>
>vIyajchu' 'a mu'ghomwIjDaq mu'vamvaD wot buvlu'.  [BoP] 'oHlaw'  mung'e'.
>[BoP] vIghajbe' vaj jItoblaHbe'.

{Qutlh} "support" appears to be a verb because the usual derived nomen 
agentis {QutlhwI'} "support" is found on the BoP Poster:

   qoD QutlhwI' ngaDmoHwI'
   Inner Support Stabilizer

Looking at the illustration, this refers to those ceiling supports flanking 
the captain's chair which look like giant shock absorbers.

FYI we also have the noun {ngaq} "support (military term)".

Playing with {Qutlh}, lay'tel SIvten once suggested a verb *{QutlhHa'} 
"undermine" which I think describes perfectly the action of a sapper, 
especially WRT to what ancient and medieval sappers did to city walls {yergho}.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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