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Art of War Chp. 2 (section 3/3)

Agnieszka Solska ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

jagh HoH negh QeHmoHlu'mo'.
jaghvo' mIp tlhap popmey neHmo'.

Soldiers kill the enemy because they are enraged.
They seize the enemy's wealth because they crave rewards.

Duj may' ghoblu'taHvIS,
jagh Duj lujonlu'DI'
jonwI' wa'DIchvaD [A] pop yInob.
jagh joqwI'mey tItam; joqwI'meylIj tI'agh.
DujmeylIj, Dujmey Dajonta'bogh je tItay'moH
'ej nI'tebHa' tIlo'.
mangpu' Dajonta'bogh tIQIHQo' [B]
'ach tIQorgh
vaj Dalo'laH.
jaghlI' yIjey 'ej HoSlIj yIghur.
mIwvam Dellu'meH jatlhlu':
<<jagh jeylu'mo' HoS ghurmoHlu'>>.

In chariot fighting,
When enemy chariots have been taken,
Reward the first soldier to capture the enemy vehicle.
Replace the enemy's flags with your own.
Mingle the captured vehicles with yours
And use them together.
Treat the captured soldiers well
And care for them
So that you can use them.
This is called:
"Defeating the enemy and becoming stronger."

yay' 'oH ngoQ'e'.
QojtaHghaH nI' 'oHbe' ngoQ'e'.
veS yajchugh Sa' [D]
vaj nuvpu' San 'oDwI' ghaH,
wo' [C] Hung QanwI' ghaH je.

In war
The goal is victory,
Not prolonged warfare.
The general who understands warfare [D]
Is the arbiter of the people's fate,
And the protector of the state's security.


[A] {jonwI' wa'DIchvaD}:

Despite all the talk about it I still don't know whether {-vaD} should go on 
the noun or on the numeral.

[B] {tIQIHQo'}:

This literally says, "Do not wrong them" or "Do not treat them unjustly."

[C] {wo'}:

Perhaps {Sep} would work better here.

[D] {veS yajchugh Sa'}:

Using the {-chugh} rather than {-bogh} clause allows me to mention the doer 
of the action now instead of at the end of the sentence. This makes the 
Klingon text correspond to the Chinese original as well as the English 
translation with respect to which concepts are introduced in which line.


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