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Re: HolQeD jatmey je

Jessie Oberreuter ( [KLI Member]

      I have most of those (I think I'm missing 4.1, 5.3, and 5.4).  Not 
interested in selling, but if the powers-that-be don't mind, I'd be happy 
to scan them.  It would be nice to have them all on-line or at least 
available on CD, etc.  I'm not ready to unbind them to get proper original 
scans, but I can do it page-wise.
      Who would be in a position to sanction or object?  Most of the 
authors are still regulars here, and I doubt there was any sort of "not 
allowed to re-publish" clause expressed with submission, so if nothing 
else, we could just get a nod of approval from the contributors.

On Sun, 30 Dec 2007, naHQun wrote:

> According to the merchant page at, the KLI is out of the
> following copies of HolQeD
> 1.1
> 1.2
> 1.3
> 1.4
> 2.1
> 4.1
> 5.3
> 5.4
> 9.3
> And issue 1 of jatmey.
> I have purchased a copy of the rest of them, but alas my collection is
> incomplete. Unless the KLI decides to scan a copy and put it on-line
> (which given the current state of the KLI seems unlikely), I (and
> everyone else who joined the KLI after these issues were sold out)
> will never have access to their information. Is anyone out there
> interested in selling, giving, trading, copying, scanning,
> transcribing, a copy of one or all of these?
> I know over the years I've ended up with a few double-issues, if
> someone has an extra copy of one of these, that'd be great.
> Anything would be helpful.
> ~naHQun
> -- 
> Modern playwrights have become obsessed with writing human
> interpretations of alien theatrical works while ignoring completely
> our own unique cultural heritage.~Bashir; "The Die is Cast" (DS9)

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