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HolQeD jatmey je

naHQun (

According to the merchant page at, the KLI is out of the
following copies of HolQeD

And issue 1 of jatmey.

I have purchased a copy of the rest of them, but alas my collection is
incomplete. Unless the KLI decides to scan a copy and put it on-line
(which given the current state of the KLI seems unlikely), I (and
everyone else who joined the KLI after these issues were sold out)
will never have access to their information. Is anyone out there
interested in selling, giving, trading, copying, scanning,
transcribing, a copy of one or all of these?

I know over the years I've ended up with a few double-issues, if
someone has an extra copy of one of these, that'd be great.

Anything would be helpful.


Modern playwrights have become obsessed with writing human
interpretations of alien theatrical works while ignoring completely
our own unique cultural heritage.~Bashir; "The Die is Cast" (DS9)

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