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Re: Art of War Chp. 1 (section 2/3)

Agnieszka Solska ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

ja' qa'vaj:

>I can only offer feedback as a reader, others obviously have much better 
>knowledge of vocab & grammar.

laDwI' vuD vISov vIneHbej.

>I'm enjoying very much!

vaj jIbel. {{:-)

>>De'vam tISuq [B]:
>>mIw'a' ghajbogh che'wI''e' yIngu',
>>laH ghajbogh ra'wI''e' yIngu',
>>ghol'e' luQaHbogh muD yav je yIngu',
>>ra'meH mIw vaQ ghajbogh ghol'e' yIngu',
>>HoS nIv ghajbogh mangghom'e' yIngu',
>>yaS po'qu', QaS po'qu' je ghajbogh ghol'e' yIngu',
>>popmey nap, bIjmey nap je ghajbogh ghol'e' yIngu'.
>>De'vammo' leSSov vIghaj
>>vaj QapwI' lujwI' je vIngu'laH.
>>Find out
>>Which ruler has Tao,
>>Which commander has the ability,
>>Which side has the benefits of climate and terrain,
>>Which side has an effective method of command,
>>Which army is stronger,
>>Whose officers and troops are better trained,
>>Which side metes out clear punishments and rewards.
>>From these I gain advance knowledge
>>And can predict victory or defeat. [C]
>In this part, I find a little bit of dissonance between {De'vam tISuq}, 
>which sets me up mentally to see a list of facts, and the list itself, 
>which is a list of action-commands.

Hmm, bIlughlaw'... Qapbe'law' {De'vam tISuq}. ngoDmey ngaSbe'bej tetlh.
ngoDmey tu'meH laDwI' ra'. mu'tlheghvam vIDubmeH chaq {De' 'ut tISuq} vIlo'.

Thanks for pointing this out. Perhaps {De' 'ut tISuq} would work better.


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