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Re: The Art of War: title

naHQun (

DuH jav vImaS.


On 12/29/07, Agnieszka Solska <> wrote:


> Also close to the Chinese title.
> 6. {veS mIw}, i.e. "Warfare Procedure(s)":
> The option I like best. It not only captures the meaning of the Chinese
> title but actually mirrors its structure. Of course, the same could be said
> about {QI' mIw} but the noun {veS} has a broader meaning than {QI'} and thus
> seems a better equivalent of the polysemous BING.
> 'ISqu'


Modern playwrights have become obsessed with writing human
interpretations of alien theatrical works while ignoring completely
our own unique cultural heritage.~Bashir; "The Die is Cast" (DS9)

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