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Art of War Chp. 1 (section 2/3)

Agnieszka Solska ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

ghu' yIchov
'ej cha' gholpu' Dotlh yIngu'.

When laying plans
Determine the status of the two sides [A]
And assess the situation.

De'vam tISuq [B]:
mIw'a' ghajbogh che'wI''e' yIngu',
laH ghajbogh ra'wI''e' yIngu',
ghol'e' luQaHbogh muD yav je yIngu',
ra'meH mIw vaQ ghajbogh ghol'e' yIngu',
HoS nIv ghajbogh mangghom'e' yIngu',
yaS po'qu', QaS po'qu' je ghajbogh ghol'e' yIngu',
popmey nap, bIjmey nap je ghajbogh ghol'e' yIngu'.

De'vammo' leSSov vIghaj
vaj QapwI' lujwI' je vIngu'laH.

Find out
Which ruler has Tao,
Which commander has the ability,
Which side has the benefits of climate and terrain,
Which side has an effective method of command,
Which army is stronger,
Whose officers and troops are better trained,
Which side metes out clear punishments and rewards.

From these I gain advance knowledge
And can predict victory or defeat. [C]

pojwIj qImchugh ra'wI' 'ej lo'chugh
vaj Qapbej.
pojwIj qImHa'chugh ra'wI' 'ej lo'be'chugh
vaj ghaH jeylu'.
yIpolQo'! [D]

If a commander heeds my analysis and employs it
He is certain to win.
Keep him!
If a commander ignores my analysis and does not employ it,
He will be defeated.
Dismiss him!

De' DaSuqta'bogh DaqelDI'
nab nIv yIwuq,
DachavmeH nIQaHbogh ghu'mey tIqaSmoH,
bIQapmeH wanI' tISIgh.

Having considered what you have learned
Settle on the best plan,
Create situations that will let you achieve it,
Make circumstances work in your favor.


[A] "Determine the status of the two sides":

As in section 1, the Chinese text speaks of making comparisons.

[B] {De'vam tISuq}:

More than one piece of information should be obtained, hence {tISuq} rather 
than {yISuq}.

[C] "I (...) can predict victory or defeat":

Though we have the word for victory, i.e. {yay}, we lack the noun meaning 
"defeat." That is why I resorted to using verbs instead of nouns. the 
Klingon text literally says "I have foreknowledge so I can identify the 
winner and the loser."

[D] {yIpolQo'}:

I thought of using {polHa'}, i.e. "discard," but I am not sure if it can be 
applied to people.


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