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Re: KCD transcript

Steven Boozer (

Lieven Litaer wrote:
> >> ghItlh SuStel:
> >>> Is there a transcript of Gowron's speech at the beginning of the Star
> >>> Trek Klingon computer game (KCD)?
> >> You probably mean the apparant nonsense starting with {oglu' meS qul} 
> etc...
> >
> > bIlugh.
> >
> >> I tried to transcribe it many times, but it just makes no sense. Some 
> years ago, we tried to find a solution on this
> >> list, but there was nothing useful. Unfortunately. I'll see if I can 
> find my notes.

> > I remember hearing that Marc Okrand wrote it and it was sent to Robert
> > O'Reilly, who learned it by heart and was really proud of his effort,
> > unaware that he completely butchered it.
>I found a bit of information about this: an interview with Robert
>O'Reilly (
>    Q: Mr. O'Reilly--You said you did not learn Klingon--but how did you
>     do the introduction sequence on Star Trek Klingon?  I_am_Klingon
>    ROR: Believe it or not, they flew Marc Okrand in to be about 2 feet
>     from me, not ONLY to hold my hand, but to mouth the words so that I
>     would say it correctly. Some were more difficult than others and I
>     had to do quite a few takes on some of them.
>O'Reilly is quite the STAR TREK fan... and really, really bad at
>Klingon, if Okrand had several takes and couldn't get anything better
>than that out of him.

ter'eS wrote (5/12/2003):
"This has frustrated me for years. Considering how closely Okrand was 
involved in producing this game, I keep feeling that Gowron's speech *must* 
actually mean something, but whatever it is, it has eluded me. I can't go 
back to the original anymore, since the game appears not to work on XP, but 
maybe Quvar's transcript will be a good start."

> > I THOUGHT there was a copy of Okrand's original text floating about...

You may be thinking of Quvar's transcript -- FWIW:

      ro ba qa DevwI' So na jaj
      wIv la ta laH chaH
      'oH quv 'oH puS
      SoH Da'oS
      logh'e' lujlu'
      luchatlhpu' wo' SaS SuvwI'pu''e'
      neSlu', luSaS lujbej
      laS puqleS lo
      bIratlh, lutoy'meH
      puSlaH qa', Ha'DIbaH je, Daqa'vam!
      buS chap qevaDaq 'a ghen toq
      chaq luwISpu' chaH
      mIv ya meS'e' DIHoHlaH chaH!
      mIv yImeS
      Ha ha ha ha haaa! .... ouargh!

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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