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Doq (

When I read many of the arguments here, the sense I get is that each  
of us wants respect for our rare skill at understanding Klingon  
grammar, and we are enflamed by apparent disrespect or competition for  
respect here.

The thing we need to keep in mind is that saying that you have rare  
skill at understanding Klingon language is redundant. All skill at  
understanding Klingon grammar is rare. A handful of people in the  
world know it at a conversational level. Perhaps dozens can  
meaningfully discuss it without being able to mentally access the  
vocabulary to actually speak it.

I, for one, respect you all far more than I succeed in expressing,  
especially in the heat of conflict. For my part, I know that I do not  
wish to control the interpretation of grammar, while I do react at a  
near fear level when I sense that part of it is going out of control  
or heading in some direction that violates my essential understanding  
of the language. I hate to see it misused, and though I'm not an  
authority capable of deciding what is misuse, I am capable of  
recognizing it -- unless someone expands my understanding in some way  
that modifies an earlier sincere judgement.



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