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On studying Klingon

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

I quote from Nick Nicholas in HolQeD V6 N2, in which he describes the 
job of the Klingon linguist:

    The argument I have made here is very much along the lines of 'Do as
    Okrand does, not as Okrand says'. The argument may seem presumptuous:
    as language inventor, Okrand could reasonably be expected to speak
    about Klingon with some authority. But if we are to do our job as
    linguists in making sense of Klingon, we have no choice: where the
    evidence of Okrandian usage contradicts (or seems to contradict) what
    Okrand has said about the language, priority must be given to his

Wise words indeed!

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