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Re: pu'jIn

Lieven Litaer ( [KLI Member] [Hol ghojwI']

ghel lay'tel:
> DIp 'oH {pu'jIn} 'e' vIloy, 'ach wot 'oHlaH'a' je?
> yoSwIj Dapu'jIn'a'?

This question makes sense to an english speaker indeed, who can "map" a "map".
Apart from the point that we do not know many bisyllabilic verbs in klingon, we must see the translation for {pu'jIn} like a real noun. In german, a map is called "Landkarte" or "Stadtplan", which is literally "land-card" and "city-plan".

So using {pu'jIn} as a verb sounds to me like using refrigerator as a verb.

  Quvar 'utlh.

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