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Re: {-Daq} in complex sentences (was Re: jIHtaHbogh naDev vISovbe')

Doq (

So, what we have is proof that it is okay to have the subject or  
object of a subordinate clause acting as a locative for a main clause.  
What we don't have is a locative in a subordinate clause acting as a  
subject or object of a main clause, like "The officers captured the  
ship in which I fled."


On Dec 17, 2007, at 12:30 AM, QeS 'utlh wrote:

> jIghItlhpu', jIja':
>> Even the {meQtaHbogh qachDaq} example is the only one of its
>> type, I believe;...
> mujang ghunchu'wI', ja':
>> {...'u'SepmeyDaq Sovbe'lu'bogh...} " unknown regions of the
>> universe..."
> maj! This is a clear example of a main-clause {-Daq} appearing on a
> direct object of a subordinate clause. This shows that SuStel's  
> {qachDaq
> vIleghbogh Suv qoH neH} "only a fool fights in a house that I see" is
> virtually proven to be correct.
> QeS 'utlh
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