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Re: qagh mIQta'bogh vay'

Steven Boozer (

At 11:13 PM Wednesday 12/12/2007, qa'vaj wrote:

>SKI:  "deep fried gagh" - a brief Klingonish take of a famous little story.

   qagh mIQta'bogh vay'
   "gagh that someone [definite] has deep-fried"

Note that this could also mean "someone [definite] that has deep-fried 
gagh".  A stylistic device to distinguish which meaning you intend is to 
tag the relevant noun with {-'e'} "topic":

   qagh'e' mIQta'bogh vay'
   "gagh that/which someone has deep-fried"

   qagh mIQta'bogh vay''e'
   "someone that/who has deep-fried gagh"

The extra syllable may, however, upset the meter and rhyme of your story.

Another option would be {qagh mIQlu'bogh} - using {-lu'} "indefinite 
subject" and omitting the (understood?) perfective suffix - modelled on 
another known Klingon dish:

   to'baj 'uS lughoDlu'bogh tIlaj
   Accept these stuffed tobbaj legs! PK

   Ho'Du'lIjDaq to'baj 'uSHom lughoDlu'bogh tu'lu'
   You have some stuffed tobbaj leg in your teeth. PK

FYI:  According to "Power Klingon" stuffed tobbaj legs is the traditional 
meal during {QI'lop}, the holiday honoring the Klingon military.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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