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tlheghmey tIq

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

QeS 'utlh wrote:
> The canon for arithmetic, the only examples we have of the verb, seems to lay out pretty well how its semantics work: {wej boq loS; chen Soch} "four fuses with three; seven forms". From that, it seems that {chen} is dynamic in nature, which is one of the things that quality verbs fundamentally cannot be. One could probably say something like {naDev chentaH ghom'a'} "a crowd is forming here" (although {naDev lughomqu'lu'} might be a little more Klingon) or {chen HuD tlheghmey 'ej chenHa'} "mountain ranges take shape and collapse". I wouldn't accept anything that put {chen} in adjectival position: I can't even work out how I'd translate *{HuD chen 'oH}.

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