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person of nouns in TKD

MorphemeAddict ( [KLI Member] [Hol taghwI']

Here are two excerpts from TKD that discuss the person of nouns.
    {pa'wIjDaq jIHtaH} <I am in my quarters.>
                       ({pa'wIjDaq} <in my room,> {jIH} <I,>
                       {-taH} <continuous>)
  In the above examples, the subjects are pronouns. If the
subject is a noun, it follows the third-person pronoun ({ghaH}
<he/she,> {'oH} <it,> {chaH} <they,> {bIH} <they>) and takes the {-'e'} <topic
suffix (see section 3.3.5).

  Both {'Iv} and {nuq} are treated as nouns as far as the
pronominal prefixes are concerned. That is, they are consid-
ered third person.

Both of these imply that nouns are treated as third person only.

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