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Klingon WOTD: pu'beH (noun)

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This is the Klingon Word Of The Day for Saturday, December 8, 2007.

Category: Weapons/War

Klingon word:   pu'beH
Part of Speech: noun 
Definition:     phaser rifle 
Source: TKD (101 KE, 146 EK) 
Swedish: phaser­gevär

Additional Notes:
KGT p. 56: The general term for disruptor is {nISwI'}.  A disruptor pistol or hand-held disruptor (and there are several models of these) is a {nISwI' HIch}; a disruptor rifle (likewise with several models) is a {nISwI' bej} [sic; should be {beH}].  Larger and more powerful disruptors are mounted on the ship, laid out as {nISwI' DaH} or "disruptor banks."  These terms are used only for these Klingon weapons.  The more general term {pu'}, "phaser," may also apply to the Klingon disruptor, but it is used just as often to refer to the Romulan disruptor, Federation phaser, and other similar devices.  Since the word is short, {pu'} is heard frequently--even more frequently than {nISwI'}--especially in the throes of combat, in such formations as {pu'HIch} ("phaser pistol"), {pu'bej} [sic; should be {beH}] ("phaser rifle"), {pu'DaH} ("phaser banks"), and even {pu'beq} ("phaser crew," the crew members responsible for the operation of the weapons).  Despite the prevalence of the {pu'} words, in the strictest sense, the correct names for all of these weapons are the {nISwI'} forms.
Synonyms: nISwI' beH  

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